Couldn’t believe this when I saw it. Nearly shit my pants when I saw where it was from. The Joker Fish episode of Batman the Animated Series.

A little while ago I broke out the ol’ trusty B:TAS, I had this idea to watch B:TAS, then Superman, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, and top it all off with the episode ‘Epilogue’, the episode of JLU set fifteen years after the last aired episode of Batman Beyond.

You see, if I had to choose two cartoons that defined my childhood, one of them would be Batman. (The other would be the Simpsons, I’ll probably blog-u-lize them on another date) I was 8 years old when Batman premiered on Fox almost sixteen years ago. I’ll never forget the episode. It featured a tragic villain named Clayface. It was the last scenes that stuck with me, the way Matt (Clayface) couldn’t hold his form after Batman changed the TV screens to show Matt’s past acting jobs. The animation scared the hell out of me, and also had me hooked.

I don’t know, I guess what was, and is, so cool about the show is the line up of villains. Sure, Batman is awesome by himself, and I always rooted for him to save the day, but it was the villains that kept me glued to TV every day at 4:30pm. Not only were they amazing, but in some crazy way, I could relate to them. Mad Hatter’s unrequited love, Two Face’s anger issues, hmm, i guess I was a pretty messed up 8 year old. Feh, its always more fun to be the crazy bad guy anyway.

Actually I think I might be rambling from lack of sleep, is this what writing blogs is all about? Who am I asking this question to? Will Batman finally bang Wonder Woman? Find out next week!

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