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Hulk Smashed Straight Into My Heart

Oh fuck yes. If you are on the fence even in the slightest bit about seeing this movie, I can assure you that you won’t be dissapointed. Especially for those of you who were not fans of The Hulk’s smash-less, three headed poodle cluster fuck of daddy never hugged me so don’t make me angry movie of 2003. I’m actually in the minority of people who enjoyed that movie because of Ang Lee’s attempt to flesh out the Hulk’s character. But obviosly thats not what people want from the Hulk. Thay want Bruce Banner to get angry, and they want him to hurt things.

First off let me say that, as always, sexy Edward Norton has done another great job. He’s awesome goddammit. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Liv was ok, I don’t know, half the time I was distracted by her ridiculously plump kisser, the other half I was distracted by her rockin’ tits. I’m just makin’ fun, she always surprises me with her acting, she was actually good too.

This movie has tons of great action, the CG for the Hulk was amazing, I believed every rippling muscle was real enough that I could actually walk up to the screen, and rub my nipples against him, it was that hot, I mean convincing. Overall the CG was very good, I like how most people are only using CG when necessary, not shoving it down our throats like so many pickle jars full of gravy like my mother used to do to me.

Oh, and if you’re a Star Wars fan, don’t miss the preview for the new CG movie coming out, I’m glad Lucas finally decided to go all the way and cut out all those annoying flesh actors clogging up his magnificent computer generated abominations, er , I mean masterpieces.

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