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Greta does LHC

For those of you who may be perplexed by Greta’s sudden  and frightening prophesies of doom, please allow me to explain what Greta is trying to warn us about: LHC otherwise known as the Large Hadron Collider.

Greta is well aware that the end of the world is nigh thanks to a few Mad Scientists in Europe (possibly from Transylvania) who thought it might be ‘keen’ to build the World’s largest hoola-hoop.

Little did they know that their little science project would create millions of tiny Black Holes that when brought to the center of the Earth by gravitational pull, will implode the Earth and crush every living thing into a Quantum Singularity, but Greta knew, and now it’s too late for Greta’s courageous warnings.

One thing is for certain: there is no stopping them; the Black Holes will soon be here. And I, for one, welcome our new LHC overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted Internet personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground Science cave.

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  1. Chris
    September 12, 2008 at 4:23 am

    Just the hell up already you freakin loser

  2. flabslapper
    September 12, 2008 at 11:15 am

    Just the hell up? JUST THE HELL UP!? How dare you! How dare you confuse me with incomplete sentences! Let’s see like it Chris. You. If ever see I’m hospital. Chris, I’m gonna my in your , bend you, my knee penis.

  3. Dan
    September 12, 2008 at 3:29 pm

    Sadly that tirade made sense to me. That scares me.

  4. flabslapper
    September 13, 2008 at 12:43 am

    That scares me too

  5. Chris
    September 14, 2008 at 2:16 am

    Go to hell you ugly son of a bitch

  6. flabslapper
    September 14, 2008 at 5:37 am

    Now see? Writing complete sentences helps get your point across better. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to fail you because you neglected to put a period at the end of your sentence. Now don’t feel too bad, a lot of children have had to repeat the first grade.

  7. Dan
    September 14, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    Damn it FS! You said you’d never tell my secret!! 😦

  8. flabslapper
    September 14, 2008 at 10:27 pm

    oh but I didn’t Dan (long pause) You just did! (smokes pipe)

    Where the hell is Josh anyway? I fear I may have scared him away with my homosexual flirting. Wouldn’t be the first time, and it won’t be the last!

  9. Dan
    September 15, 2008 at 12:45 am

    D’oh! Damn my loose lips!

    Josh actually posted on X-E AND put a blog post up! So he’s still alive somewhere up in the great white North.

  10. DC
    September 15, 2008 at 1:45 am

    I think there’s a secret underground flabslapper hater society.

    And methinks I may be the founder. 8)

  11. September 15, 2008 at 3:28 pm


  12. Dan
    September 15, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    What do you have against cheese? Are you lactose intolerant?

  13. flabslapper
    September 15, 2008 at 9:09 pm

    Why would you do that DC? And as always i believe I can explain what Greta is trying to say:

    Greta is being overwhelmed by today’s disaster on Wall Street. ‘Cheese’ or ‘Cheddar’ if you will is a slang term used for money, since a lot of people lost money today, Greta is lamenting and wants the loss of ‘cheese’ to ‘stop’.

  14. JoshC
    September 16, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    Go back to school and learn how to write

  15. flabslapper
    September 16, 2008 at 4:12 pm

    Et tu JoshC?

  16. DC
    September 16, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    Why would you do that DC?

    Because everyone else is doing it. And peer pressure is a motha’! 8)

  17. JoshC
    September 16, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    Because everyone hates you

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