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True Colors, and That’s Why I Love You

June 13, 2009 4 comments

So I’m watching Color Splash right now on HGTV, and I thought I’d expand a little on why I love David Bromstad and why I would love to be his best friend and go shopping with him and go out to fancy bars for fancy alcoholic drinks.

Food 380

The show Color Splash is just amazing by the way, David Bromstad brings rooms together beautifully, and his color choices are always genius. I love the show too because the commercials, intro, and bumps throughout the show always pick out the parts of the show with a lot of “drama” and really make it look like David Bromstad is going to have to open up a “rage red” paint can full of whoop ass  all over someone’s face, but when you watch the show the dude is so laid back you really have to wonder what the hell the producers are thinking when they put these bumps together. Personally, if I didn’t know David Bromstad personally, I would think he was a total drama queen bitch!

Luckily this is not the case, and what comes forth is David Bromstad’s true personality, he’s still kind of a drama queen, but like how cutesy girls can be harmless trouble makers, he’s not an Elton John level Bitch, like the show’s producers would like you to believe.


After I wrote that sentence I turn around to hear David Bromstad talking about how his producers can bug the hell out of him, ha!

Dude also does some crazy shit where he paints a unique picture, whether it be on canvas or a wall mural, and gives it to the home owners  as a gift. But the thing is he always takes out a spray bottle and sprays the painting with water and makes a cool design out of it. Hm, actually I guess that might be why the show is called Color Splash, I learned something new today!

Anyway if you like home design shows you can’t go wrong with Color Splash, and David Bromstad is so funny, that I seriously can’t stop myself from squealing and clapping my hands together whenever he does something really cute!


If there was one man who was a greater painter and made me more happy than David Bromstad, it was this great man:


God I miss him ;_;

I Like the Way You Move

Would you like another reason for why Canada is awesome? I’ll give it to you:

Samantha Pynn


Samantha Pynn is probably the cutest host of any show on HGTV ever, ever.  I dare say she might even be the cutest television host ever. She is just so adorable and cute that I hope she searches google for “I love Samantha Pynn” and she finds my blog and immediately falls in love with me and my quirky, yet masculine, personality and ruggedly hansom good looks.

It’s the way she  moves and carries herself that I find most attractive. She also dresses very well and professionally. Let me show you an example:

See? That little head wiggle and the wink! Ooooooh I just wanna hug her! And other things but I won’t get into those because if Samantha Pynn does read this I don’t want her to know the things I wanna do to her until after we’ve been going out for awhile, possibly after we go antique furniture shopping will I finally divulge that I would like to lick ice cream from between her cleavage.

Second cutest HGTV host? David Bromstad!



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