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Anime Bad Asses

I’ve watched my fair share of anime over the last few years, not a whole lot, but more than I ever expected to watch. I used to be closeted geek/freak if you can believe it. Granted i never hid it well, but for a while I wouldn’t admit to anyone that i like cartoon boobies, and i wouldn’t dare talk about how much I cried while watching Fruits Basket. It was a lot by the way. Mainly because of this mother fucker right here:

Lately I’ve started watching Fist of the North Star, why I waited this long to watch it considering that every damn aspect of the anime is exactly everything I like.

Examples such as:

1. Post Apocalyptic Wasteland

The world has been destroyed by a nuclear holocaust, the best kind of holocaust mind you, and nearly everything has been destroyed. This includes buildings, fertile land, livestock, most animals, and most people. The people that did survive envy the dead.

2. Bandits

Huge blood thirsty bastards roving the land killing and raping anyone and anything that is unlucky enough to be heard blinking in their immediate vicinity.

3. Motorcycles and ATVs

Their just fucking cool, that’s all I have to say about that.

4. Bad Ass main character

Kenshiro roams the wasteland saving people who just want to survive the apocalypse and killing anyone foolish enough to commit any kind of evil act in front of him. How does he kill them? By pressing the bastard’s pressure points in rapid succession until the explode. The cool thing is, they don’t explode right away, they have about 5 seconds to “think about their sins”. Fucking. Awesome.

And I’m only two episodes in!

Plus it has kick-ass music:

Well, the point of all this is, I’ll probably do some posts on anime bad asses and what makes them so bad ass. Expect to see Vash, Spike, Gutts, and some others when I remember them. I may even cover some non-anime characters as well, such as Batman, Wolverine, and perhaps some video game characters like Reinhardt Schneider and Luigi. This  depends on how the few posts go, if I can make them interesting enough to be worth reading, and thus worth writing.

Expect these everyday, too, as per my previous post to plomise to write everyday.

Thank you, and God Bless America.

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