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Anime Bad-Ass of the Day: Spike Siegel

Spike Siegel is of Cowboy Bebop fame and the bad-ass of Saturday. He is a bounty hunter, and  skilled in martial arts and weapons. He is also very laid back and seemingly uninterested in women, namely Faye Valentine, which I find very admirable, because I was on that ship with her 24 hours a day I don’t think I would be able to control myself and thus get jettisoned out into space because she would totally kick my ass and stuff me into a missile launch bay.

Anyway Spike is…Spike well he is, alright well he’s got this like…oh fuck it, I’m going to talk about Faye Valentine instead. I mean, where in the rules does it say that a bad-ass has to be a guy?

Faye Valentine is hot, so very hot in fact that she usually gets away with anything she wants from anyone she wants (except Spike of coarse, I mean, I know he’s still hung up on that blond but goddman Spike! Just LOOK at Faye!

I mean yeah she’s nothing but trouble and she’s kind of annoying but her hair is purple! PURPLE SPIKE! And she wears suspenders UNDER her skimpy vest. That means her suspenders are touching bare booby! BOOBY YOU COOL AS A CUCUMBER SONOFABITCH GODDAMN!

Hmm, well I suppose I just cemented in why Spike Siegel is so great, because even though he seems aloof, he always has his mind on the mission, no matter what the mission is, and he doesn’t let anything distract him, not even Faye’s rockin’ tits.

Faye is cool too though, she has it pretty rough considering she doesn’t really know who the hell she was because of an accident (I don’t want to get into too much in case someone is reading this that has never seen the show, and if you have never seen the show, what the hell is wrong with you?)

Faye kicks ass and cheats at gambling. She’s a bitch with a tender side to her…kind of like Spike when I think about it…weird.

Anyway I demand more Faye pics, and seeing that I write this crap, I can make it so.

Well there you have it, a completely disjointed blog post. I never did promise these would make sense, I did however promise boobies, and I have delivered.

God Bless Japan!

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