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You’re My Obsession

Just wanted to put this up, it’s an educational (lol) video I made way back in college. It was for a legal class, I got to show it to the class and everything!

Incidentally, there was this really hot chick that sat in front of me in this class. Imagine Natalie Portman when she had the short hair, but hotter.

So anyway she thought I was pretty funny, and like after I showed this video in class she complimented me that it was good and I’m funny and all that, so finally I work up the nerve to nervously ask her to “Wanna go see a movie or something with me maybe, you want to?” with her response being, “Aw, well I don’t know if my boyfriend would like that.”

So I was like, “Well I would have been surprised if you were single!” which she replied “Aw thanks.” or some shit, I don’t know.

So like the next day I was like, “So did you break up with your boyfriend yet?” and she laughed and said that maybe she should because he was annoying.

The moral of the story is I didn’t get any the end.

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  1. Sprmcandy
    November 23, 2010 at 9:47 am

    Gorgeous lady.

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