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Anime Bad-Ass of the Day: Vash The Stampede

For anyone who has not seen Trigun there will be some spoilers in this, just to warn you. Spoiler pictures too so be careful please!

Vash the Stampede is the main character in the anime Trigun, a pretty damn cool show about a space colony that crash landed on a crappy planet and have now basically become the Wild West, but in space. So imagine gun battles in front of saloons in dusty cowboy towns, but surrounded by ancient decrepit future tech and horrific cyborg bandits and bounty hunters.

In the middle of all this mess is Vash, a kind hearted wanderer who is being hunted down like a dog for destroying an entire town and killing all its inhabitants. Now later on you find out that it was an accident on his part, because his twin brother Knives made him do it.

Yeah I warned you about spoilers.

Now as you can imagine this causing Vash a lot of guilt and grief over the incident, especially because he believes killing is wrong. And this is where his bad-ass-itude comes into to play. No matter how much Vash is in danger, no matter how much of an evil bastard someone is, he will not kill. Oh he’ll injure the fuck out of someone, but he will not kill anyone.

Now you might be saying to yourself, what’s so bad-ass about not killing someone? Well asshole, Vash is bad-ass because he never backs away from  a fight but makes himself look like a doof just so he doesn’t reveal who he is but he’ll somehow save everyone and himself in the process of looking like a complete ass. At one point he dodges every single gun shot this guy fires at him, but he squeals and smacks himself in the head just to make it look like he’s just incredibly lucky.

In another scene he holsters his gun, throws an egg into the air, draws his gun and catches the egg on the end of the barrel without breaking it and balancing it. Vash could totally kill anyone without them being able to blink first but he chooses not too, and his body has paid the price.

Still hot though.

There are other bad-assess in this show as well, Legato and Wolfwood to name two. Legato is bad guy though, so I don’t know if I should include him later, we’ll see. I totally left the house for a few hours in between writing this so the momentum is totally gone so I’ll end it here.

God Bless America

In America!

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