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I Don’t Wanna

Write about no anime character today so I don’t know what I’m gonna wright about.

So once there was this man who was born from the inside of a tree. He sprang forth from a mighty Red Wood. The forest sprites that saw him spring forth from with in the tree named him Red and raised him as one of their own.

Red was much bigger than his family of forest sprites. In time Red grew to be ten feet tall, where as the forest sprites were only the size of his pinky finger.

Soon it was time for Red to leave the forest and go on adventures. Red did not want to leave his family, but they urged him to go for he was too large and was becoming a fucking inconvenience to have around.

So before Red left he created magnificent armor from the Red Wood tree from hence he sprang, and left the forest in search of adventure.

Red traveled far until one day he happened upon a strange village. The village seemed empty upon entering, so Red decided to make it his home.

That night when Red slept he heard a strange scrathing noise coming from outside his window. Red grabbed his Smith & Wesson Model 500 .50-Cal Magnum revolver and walked quietly over to the shuttered window.

He listened, but the scratching did not continue.

Relieved, Red released the hammer of his Smith & Wesson Model 500 .50-Cal Magnum revolver and walked back to his bed.

Suddenly the door to his bedroom came crashing open! In the doorway stood Red’s most feared foes: Munchkin Kittens!

Red tried to grab his Smith & Wesson Model 500 .50-Cal Magnum revolver to defend against the hundreds of feline monsters but the cats were too quick! Instantly the Munchkins with their adorable tiny legs started sharpening their claws on Red’s Red Wood armor.

Luckily Red wasn’t wearing the armor so he just walked away.

As Red left the village in his underwear he heard a loud explosion over the hill. Red ran as fast as he could over the hill to see what alll the commotion was all about.

Over the hill, Red saw what caused the explosion: some douchbags  screwing around with fire crackers. Red walked up to the teenagers and told them that if they didn’t stop screwing around, he was going to give them such a pinch.

Thedouchbags apoligized but then were torn apart by the Munchkin kittens soon afterwards.

Red continued on his journey for adventure for 1000 years until settling in a strange place called Hollywood. There he had a successful career under another name as a movie actor. After retiring from acting he became the mayor of Hollywood. You may know him better as: Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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