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Wacky Wikipedia Wednesdays!!!!!!!

Ok, so I sort of cheated by saying to myself, “Ok, I’ll hit random on wikipedia three times, and pick the best one.”

So the first one was “Government Contract flight”, or as I’d like to call it “fucking boring”.

The second was some kind of play.

But the third, now I can see why they say “third times the charm”.

Today’s Wikipedia Post: Kipp Noll

Kipp Noll was a very successful Gay Porn actor during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. He was born August 7th, 1957.

Unfortunately not a lot is known about Kipp Noll besides that he starred in numerous popular gay pornographic films. Even the date of his death, May 21st, 2001 requires citation on Wikipedia. In fact most of what is known about Kipp Noll, which is his stage name by the way, is mostly rumor.

What is known is his illustrious pornographic career, which made him famous and took him all over the country and the world. Other men were even cast to be his ‘brothers’, for movie purposes.

Indeed Kipp Noll is a mystery, but at least he will live forever in his films, and in our hearts.

If you would like to see more of Kipp Noll, here is a list of films he starred in:

2. Grease Monkeys

3. Cuming of Age

4. Class of ’84

5. Young Men of the ’80s Volume 4

6. Wild Young Fuckers

7. Try to Take It

10. For You #6

11. Director’s Best: William Higgins Volume 2

12. Catalina Orgies Volume 2

13. Brothers Should Do It

14. Boys of Venice

15. The Best of Kip Noll

Please visit your local Video Store’s Adult Video section for more information on Kip Noll.

Interesting story about Adult Video, they seem to be disappearing, which a damn shame. A little while ago I found out that this local video store where I moved to was closing down, so I decided to check it out, because they were having a going out of business sale.

I went inside and I picked up a few used DVDs and video games. Good ones too, like Fatal Frame and Gungrave.

now I was walking around when I saw it: A long hallway that led to an adult video section. The room was bigger than my old bedroom! I didn’t want to buy too much because buying porn is for suckers, but they did have some hentai so I picked up Campus which unfortunately involved a story about a brother and sister who in a past life were lovers. Fucking Japanese and their incest, swear to God.

Good sex scenes though.

As an alternative I suggest Swallow Tail Inn, it’s about a woman who has to put on sex shows after her husband dies and leaves her in charge of a failing Inn. good stuff, especially when her niece shows up. Again, fucking Japanese and their incest, but they don’t actually do anything to each other, they just double team a guy who’s trying to train them for better sex.

What the hell am I writing?!

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