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Silly Willy Friday

I don’t know.

Anyway, what to write about…I’m about to get winter blasted by snow apparently, how about a snowy horror story?

The snow fell in heavy sheets outside the antarctic compound. Joseph, the lead science officer, watched the snow fall outside the pod windows of the compound.

He was sent to Antarctica a few years to study the effect of global warming on the ice. He protested that there was not enough scientific evidence to prove one way or another that Global Warming was even occurring, but his protests went largely unheard. “This will be your chance to prove it one way or another.” his boss told him.

Now, a few years later, Joseph sits in  a small compound with three other scientists, Janine, Ralph, and David, studying ice movement and chasing penguins.

It was a boring life.

David walks into the room and interrupts Joseph’s ‘quiet time’.

“Sir, radio communications seems to be out across the board. I can’t get in contact with anyone.”

Joseph turns to look at David. “Anyone, what do you mean?”

not a single person is answering, sir, it’s the whole rest of the world has disappeared.

“That’s impossible,” barks Joseph, “Check again. We’ve been running low on previsions for a week now, we need someone out here soon or we will starve to death.”

“Yes sir,” answers David, and he hurries out of the room.

After David leaves, Joseph opens the door to his writing desk, and pulls out a pack of smokes. He slips them in his pocket and walks to the smoking room.

Joseph enters the smoking room and sees Janine and Ralph talking to each other.

“Any news about our supplies?” asks Janine.

“No,” answers Joseph.

“Well what the hell is taking so long,” says Ralph, “A few more weeks and we’ll be completely tapped out.”

“David says he can’t raise anyone on the radio. It’s probably a bent receiver, Ralph, when there is a break in the storm, hurry outside and check the radio tower.” commands Joseph.

Ralph rolls his eyes, “Alright.” He leaves the smoking room.

“What if we can’t fix the tower?” asks Janine.

“I’m sure they’ll send someone out to us, it’s not like they could have forgotten us.” answers Joseph as he lights a cigarette.

Janine walks over to the exhaust fan and turns it on. “Well, I might as well help Ralph, see you later.”

Joseph waves to Janine as she leaves the room.

A break finally occurs in the storm a few hours later. Ralph and Janine go outside to climb the ladder to the radio tower. They find everything is fine and in complete working condition. They relay the news to Joseph and David.

“I don’t understand it then” says David, “If it’s not our equipment, then it really is like everyone fell off the face of the earth.”

“Don’t be so dramatic David,” says Joseph, “just keep your pants on, I’m sure someone is coming with supplies very soon.”

Suddenly, there is a knock on the outside door.

David walks over to the door. “That must be someone now!” he exclaims.

David rushes over to the door and opens it. David freezes in shock at what he sees: a gift wrapped package laying in the snow, there are no foot prints left behind, or any other evidence of how the present got there.

David carries the present in and shows it to the rest of the team.

“What the hell?” asks Ralph.

“Should we open it?” asks Janine.

“Just give it here,” demands Joseph, “I’ll open it.”

Joseph takes out a pen-knife and opens the wrapping and box. Inside are four dead penguins, some hot sauce, and sesame seed buns.

“My God!” yells Janine. “What does this mean?”

“It means we eat good tonight!” exclaims Ralph.

And they all had sloppy penguin-joes.

The End

I got writer’s block and I’m hungry, what do you want from me, here’s some cute anime girls.

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