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Bats for Hats

I’ve noticed that hats seem to be creeping back into popular fashion, no doubt thanks to me and my dapper Ivy Cap. And don’t be saying it’s because of Brad Pitt, he copied me. He obviously reads my blog and is impressed by my gentlemanly attire.

Anyway, I think everyone should start wearing hats. And I’m not talking about baseball caps or Lids, (I’ve got nothing against baseball caps by the way, they just itch the hell out of forehead) I’m talking newsboys, pork pies, fedoras, cowboy, sombrero, Trilby, top hats, any hat that fits your fancy!

Just make sure to take time choosing a hat from a hat store that you trust. A hat can make you look great, or make you look incredibly stupid.

Reasons the wrong hat will make you look like a schmuck:

1. The hat does not fit your head; too small or too big

2. The hat fits, but the brim is too big or too small for your type of face

3. Hat does not ‘match’ your outfit. Now the Ivy Cap I wear pretty much goes with anything, but I wouldn’t suggest wearing a Top Hat with pajamas. A Top Hat with pajamas is reserved for me when I am very old and/or insane.

Check this site out too, though I can’t stress enough that you should really go to a hat store and try out different hats than trying to buy one online. It’s not like buying a pair of men’s jeans or condoms.

Besides hats being stylish, they are also functional in keeping your head warm in the winter, dry in the rain, and protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. Damn life sustaining sun, never did no good for no one.

For more information on hats, I suggest visiting a much better blog than mine The Art of Manliness.

That guy’s blog kicks ass, mine is just weird.

Lets see some more hats out there people!

I was actually quite pleased when I went to Magfest 8 a few weeks ago, because not only were a few people wearing Ivy Caps, but they were also wearing vests and dress clothes. Now I don’t have the balls for all that yet, but someday. Baby steps people, baby steps.

Fucking geeks looked cool though let me tell you, I was jealous.

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