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In Response

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard your opinion on the current generation of consoles before. The 360 failure rate is no longer that high, that statistic comes from the first gen of 360s. Yet, I’ve gone through 2 xboxes and I agree, it’s bull.

As for the Ps3, they have some awesome exclusives (Infamous, MGS4, Uncharted, God of War, MAG) and free online play, which if you’re a casual gamer, is a great thing.

There are a ton of kids on the 360, but you could always mute them and its really best to play with friends that way you’re not stuck with a bunch of randoms. Although, the older you get, the harder it is to game with your friends. That, I definitely understand.

If you’re a PC gamer and you want to play new games, you really do have to shell out some money. Older games? No problem, its not that expensive.

I agree that there really aren’t any true innovative games anymore, but that’s because…well, lack of new ideas. Now, more than anything, its about execution and you have to give it to the big studios for trying to be original. EA has pushed out several, several new IPs and have lost millions of dollars for it.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts. When it comes to video games, like everything else, it’s personal opinion so it was definitely an interesting read. I haven’t heard this take before.” – chocolaterobot

Hey thanks for the response!

I do have to say that I agree with what you have said, in my haste to rant I did forget about some of the new IPs that have come out recently (Mirror’s Edge comes to mind), these do however do poorly commercially, as you said.

I understand why, because games are expensive and people, myself included, don’t want to waste $60 on something that might suck.

Which is why games like Modern Warfare 2 and New Super Mario Bros Wii do so well;  because they are established ‘good’ IPs and therefore instant money makers.

I’m glad to receive such a great response from a reader, because this person pointed out to me that I shouldn’t be so cynical about the state of video games today. Do I still think it could be better? Yes, definitely, however  as far as being a gamer is concerned, it’s the best time to be alive! If not for the promise of new games, but for the backlog of nearly 30 years worth of games to enjoy and appreciate!

I must say that not every new game I’ve played has disappointed me;

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a return to form for the survival horror genre.

Batman Arkham Asylum proved that a super hero game can be done smartly, and remain true to it’s source material.

Fallout 3 proved my belief that the end of the world will be crazy fun.

No More Heroes proves that mature games can do well on a Nintendo system.

Muramasa proves that not all games have to be 3D rendered and hold your freakin’ hand.

But, indeed, theses are just my opinions, and everyone has a right to their own.

Hey everybody check out chocolaterobot’s blog, it’s pretty damn funny and way more informative than mine.

Though I must disagree with chocolaterobot on one thing: Kung Pow is awesome!

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