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Anime Bad-ass Tuesday: Gungrave

Gungrave is an excellent show about Mobsters, monsters, friendship, and revenge.

The main character is Brandon Heat,  a street punk gang member in a rough town. He’s actually a nice guy, but will beat the crap out of you if you mess with his friends. He barely talks, if he talks at all, which I always find to be cool.

The leader of the gang, Harry MacDowell, is a decent enough guy to his friends, but he has big ambitions. He doesn’t want to be just a 2-bit crook hustling rich women out of their money and shaking down other gangs, he wants to be somebody.

Eventually, Harry proves himself to the Mob, and becomes a made man. Of coarse Brandon follows him into the Mob because he’s his best friend and he wants to protect him.

Well, some crazy shit happens, Brandon ends up dead, and Harry becomes leader of the Mob.

Fast forward to the future, where mutants are now the Mob’s requisite cannon fodder, and Brandon heat has been ressurected into an unstoppable killing machine, Gungrave.

Brandon Heat was enough of a bad-ass when he was alive. Now that he is essentially a Frankenstein Monster, he can do all sorts of crazy shit. Just check him out:

That big thing o his back? It’s his coffin. That is also a gun.

He also duel wields two gigantic handguns.

I’m so obsessed with these guns I tried to find any replicas, which I did find this on youtube, it was a resin kit to mod out an existing airsoft gun. Unfortunately, it not sold any more, or at least, I can’t find it anywhere.

The anime is excellent but I must admit to liking the ‘past’ story line better than the ‘future’ one, only because I like mobster stuff, and the change in aesthetic comes abruptly, too abruptly.

That being said, Gungrave is a cool character, and we couldn’t have him without the future part, so I like like it, and suggest that you watch it if you already haven’t.

Amazingly, the anime was a spin-off of the video game Gungrave, which is sort of like a Devil May Cry flashy beat ’em up, just not as good. I only suggest playing it if you are a huge fan of the anime.

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