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Anime Bad-Ass and whatever

I’m a guy with a nervous personality, so my mind has been preoccupied lately. I never wanted to turn my blog into a damn live journal, but I suppose it bares explaining that I am trying to write professionally, and have hit my first ‘writer’s block’, and have become discouraged. Not enough to stop writing mind you, but enough to miss a few days none the less.

By the way, I don’t consider my writings on my blog ‘professional’, I’m talking about my personal writings, but writing ‘bullshit’ everyday is just as hard as writing ‘realshit’ everyday as well, and I am everyday more and more impressed by bloggers and writers who do it.

Well I supposed I’ve wasted enough of your time, it was taking me a minute to think of someone to write about, but I think I got it.

So Mikura Suzuki is a kick-ass mercenary for hire. She is tough, sexy, and knows her way around a gun.

There are technically three ways to enjoy Mikura, the first is in the movie Mezzo Forte.

Mezzo Forte, which came out in 1998, is basically a really cool action movie with hints of sci-fi and some other stuff thrown in. The story is good, but seeing as this is Japanese it of course has a bullshit vague sub-plot that adds no real weight to the story and ultimately only leads to confusing things in the end.

But is it good? If you like seeing a hot chick kick the shit out of people, which I very much do, then yes, this movie is very good.

Now, the second way to see Mikura is in the uncensored version of Mezzo Forte.

Now the only thing the uncensored version adds to the regular Mezzo Forte movie is two sudden and jarring out-of-no-where highly explicit sex scenes with Mikura. These sex scenes are VERY good. Very, very good. The guys involved are sort of ugly though, which sucks.

So since either version’s story is essentially the same, whichever one you watch is up to you, but I highly suggest watching Mezzo Forte either way.

The third way to enjoy Mikura is in the anime series Mezzo.

Mezzo, which came out in 2003, is in a different art and writing style, and personally, I prefer the movie over the series. Now I just blindly bought the series since I enjoyed the movie so much, but I cannot suggest you do the same. As with the movie, the action is good but the writing is weak. And since this was a show with 13 episodes, the writing is much weaker than the movie.

But is it worth watching? Yeah, definitely, and Mikura is fucking cute in this show.

I found these when I was looking for pics.

This was my face when I saw these:

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