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Anime Bad-Ass: Hideki Motosuwa

Hideki Motosuwa is from a fairly popular anime and manga series called Chobits. Now this may be an odd choice for a ‘bad-ass’, but stick with me for a minute.

The story of Chobits revolves around a college drop-out who would love to buy a persocom, which is an android that can be used as personal computer.

Obviously people use these persocoms for way more interesting things than reading blogs or checking their e-mails.

Hideki just so happens to find a persocom lying in a back alley in the trash (gotta love anime), and he takes it home, like what I do whenever I see someone throwing out a CRT television.

He takes the persocom home, well lugs it home because she’s built like a dainty little girl but she freaking weighs a ton.

Now in the anime she’s wrapped up loosely like a mummy, but in the manga he finds her, uh it, naked in the trash. The thing is he can’t figure out how to turn her on. He tries pretty much everywhere, and fears that it must be broken, and that’s why it was in the trash.

He realizes that he hasn’t tried everywhere, he realizes he hasn’t tried her vajayjay.

So he reaches down there, without looking mind you, and ‘lo and behold it springs to life.

So dude has an incredibly cute robot chick that he could so totally bang if he wants too. so what’s the catch? Well, she’s basically has the mind of a child.

Yeah, her ‘mind’ has been damaged somehow and Hideki needs to teach her and help her learn how to act around people properly.

Sound creepy? Well yeah, it sort of is, but it’s kind of sweet too, because they develop this relationship out of it, and he really starts to care for her nad try to protect her.

So why is he bad-ass? Because dude has the will power of a fucking monk. The guy has a goddamn robot chick, most of time who’s half naked, MOST of the time trying to do things to him because she don’t really understand what she’s doing (where hilarity ensues) and the guy DOES NOT TOUCH HER.

I guess in his situation, I wouldn’t do anything either, but goddamn I seriously can’t wait for robot women. Because it would totally bring about the total destruction of mankind, which the show actually touches upon, and Futurama famously devoted an entire episode to.

Would I have a robot girlfriend? Depends on how the AI is. Though I’d imagine if the AI was really good they would go off and do other stuff besides give me hand jobs all day, which is like, the only thing I would have it do.

Oh, there are other kinds of persocoms too, tiny like a pixie.

You don’t even want to know the kind of stuff I’d do to that thing.

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  1. Dean
    December 4, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    This did make me laugh

    • flabslapper
      December 15, 2010 at 12:39 pm

      thanks man! sorry, I always try to respond to people’s comments but this thing was still sending comments to my old email address >.<

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