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Wacky Wikipedia Wednesday Today

Actually I have to tell the truth, I fucking hit random like twenty times but I actually came across something interesting for once.

These guys are The Flower Kings, and they seriously rock. I don’t know if they are obscure or not, but I’ve never heard of them. To be fair what I don’t know could fill a warehouse, but still I’m surprised I never heard of these guys before. I’m not going to write about them so much, you can read about them here.

What I will do though, is include some vids of their music. I really like these guys now, they came out in 1994 but they have a pretty distinctive vibe, it’s like if the 70’s and 90’s made sweet, sweet love to one another, this would be the result.

Much like how I would like to make sweet love to Samantha Pynn.

Jesus just look at that face, you ain’t fooling me babe, I know you know you’re hot.

I get most of my traffic from the pics of Samantha Pynn and David Bromstad, so I figured it would be worth mentioning them again to see if I could get some more readers BWA HA HAH AH AAAAAH!

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