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My Newest Man Crush: Chris Antista

I have a new man crush, and his name is Chris Antista of Gamesradar and Talkradar host fame.

He is just delisious. Not only is he very handsome, but he is also hilariously funny and vulgar. Basically if you want a good dead baby rape joke, you listen to Chris Antista on Talkradar podcast.

I’m seriously in love with Chris Antista. I’ve only started to listening to the Talkradar podcast forthe past four or five podcasts, but I’ve since downloaded several dozen of the past podcasts, and they are all fantastic.

Chris Antista jam packs the podcasts with wonderful video game information, great music, and hilarious sound effects, my favorite being the Heath Ledger Joker’s “Yeah”.

The more I find out about Chris Antista, the more I love him. Take for instance, this photo.

He is wearing a Greek fisherman’s hat. My favorite hat ever is a Greek fisherman’s hat! I almost bought one, but the black one wasn’t my size, and I didn’t want to buy a gray or white one.

You know who else wears a Greek fisherman’s hat? Robert De Niro in the movie Cape Fear.

I want to lick Chris Antista, there I said it. I won’t say where though (his sideburns).

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