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I Ain’t Gonna Play by Your Rules Man!

And by your rules, I mean my rules, as in the rules I set up for myself to have consistent blog posts about Anime and Horror games.

I slipped up, sorry!

Anyway, how to make up for it?

Would like site I go to to get cartoon titty pictures?

You don’t?

Well fuck you here’s the site anyway!

The site is http://danbooru.donmai.us/ and it’s pretty awesome, you just type in a word of something you wanna see, say ‘footjob’

And then you scroll through some of the pics until you find one you like, oh here’s a good one!

Now as you’ll see on the left, there is a list of tags.

The tags are the words that describe elements in the picture. If you look closer, you’ll see different colored words.

The red tag is the character’s name.

The green tag is the artist or creator of the picture’s name.

And the purple tag is where the character originated from.

Try clicking on all the tags!

Sometimes you’ll need to do some searching for something specific you want to see. For example, there is no ‘titjob’, but if you type in ‘breasts’, and find a picture depicting a titjob, then look through the tags, you will soon discover that the word ‘paizuri’ means titjob, and then you’re set!

You’ll soon discover things you didn’t even know you liked! But I do warn you, don’t get carried away! The last thing you want is to discover too much and make real life sex mundane!

I suggest sticking with sexual acts that your partner wouldn’t mind, such as my personal favorite, ‘thigh sex’.

There you go, have fun!

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