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Life: How Music Can Improve

Life. Life is pretty amazing when you think bout it. Every new day is a miracle, every day new wonders come into being that go noticed, and ignored.Every new day brings joy and suffering.

A new born baby, a daring rescue, a murder, a new cure; every day life brings new possibilities.

However, I can think of new ways that would make life even better; though impractical or improbable, I believe these things would make life even more enjoyable.

Whenever something great happens to a person, a guitar riff should magically represent itself from thin air, to accentuate said cool moment.

Imagine you get that promotion, and soon as you open the envelope of your new Check and see that extra money:

Or after you orgasm

Conversely, whenever some does something stupid, they get a played off by keyboard cat.

Differences in Opinion

All fights, whether physical or verbal, should all be settled with either a dance-off, or instrument battle.

Imagine if countries entire armies were trained in dance and instruments, the world would truly be a better place.

Here are some examples:

The End of the World

When the end of the world comes, which it WILL, a local band should be chosen to play over the loud speakers of a town, to usher in the end through music.

A few examples:


At the end of every person’s life, this song should play

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