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A Letter to all PC Owners

Take care of your fucking shit, you are making us all look bad when you get a virus that won’t even allow you to use the internet. JUST FUCKING STOP IT. It’s not hard to take care of your computer, it’s not like it’s a fucking nuclear reactor or a space shuttle, all you have to do is run cookie cleaners and antivirus protection once a week. THAT IS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO.

I’m not even telling you to stop looking at porn. I’m not even telling you to stop downloading music. JUST RUN THE GODDAMN VIRUS PROTECTION YOU LAZY FUCKS.

“It updates itself right?” WRONG. You still need to update it anyway.

“I thought it checks itself whenever I download something.” JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO IT ANYWAY YOU ASSHOLE.


“That’s why Macs are better because they can’t -” I WILL GODDAMN PISS ON YOU I SWEAR TO GOD

“But virus software cost a lot -” THERE IS FREE ONES YOU SHITBRICK

I’ll make it easy for you, every time a PC gets a virus, a Mac user kills a kitten, but I guess you don’t really like kittens, do you?

You heartless bastards!

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  1. jadede
    January 22, 2011 at 2:38 am

    SOOO funny! I have a Mac but I still check stuff and I especially love that you put Kyo as one of the kittens! ❤

    • flabslapper
      January 22, 2011 at 10:32 am

      lol I forgot all about this one! I was mad because my sister let her laptop go to complete shit, guess what she has now? A MAC lol

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