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Some More youtube Silliness

April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

So instead of writing for my blooooooooooooooog I’ve been screwing around with Windows Movie Maker. Also I just hired to a full time job and I’ll be going to school full time soon (fingers crossed) which means I probably won’t have any free time to write to you guys.

Honestly, I’m very appreciative towards all my readers, seriously. None of you ever comment though, so as far as I know I might not have any readers, but what ever.

Anyway, expect less and less entries from me until my blog becomes just another internet wasteland devoid of any new content.

This is just musings about the future, really, nothing is ever set in stone, and as far as I know we could all be dead tomorrow.

So please enjoy some new videos I made, and if it ever get’s to the point where I can’t possibly post anymore new entries, I’ll end this wild ride with some kind of internet blowout, culminating in what will most likely be a photograph of myself in the most sexually explicit position (or positions) humanly possible.

Any long time readers know that ain’t bullshit, I’ll fucking do it.

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I wonder if he’ll send people after me

Mr. James Randi is the best human being on this planet.

I recently sent him an e-mail, and if he responds, I’ll post the results here.

Subject: I know the truth!

Oh yes, you read that correctly Mr. James Randi, I have been watching your youtube videos for some time now, watching you ‘debunk’ as it were, people who do indeed have mystical powers.
Time and time again, with your ‘science’ you prove these people wrong. Well I know the truth! And the truth is: you sir, are a Wizard! A real honest to God Wizard! Oh don’t try to deny it Mr. James Randi, the facts are plain to see! You go out of your way to prove these people wrong because you are in fact the Head Wizard charged with the difficult task of keeping mortals in the dark about magic and other other-worldly things.
Are there psychics? Yes! Is dowsing real? Most certainly! But you don’t want us to know the truth! I mean, you even look like a Wizard! The white beard and all!
Sorry, I’m just having a little fun, I hope you enjoyed that little joke of mine! You seem like the kind of person who would enjoy a weird rant like that, so I hope I didn’t waste your time!
I really wanted to say that I do appreciate all you do in your quest in educating people and debunking scumbags and charlatans. There are so many people out there willing to take advantage, and there are even more people out there willing to be taken advantage of!
So thank you very much from the bottom of my heart Mr. James Randi!
James Randi is a cool freaking guy. You can read more about his work on his website:
Also check this great vid of him wrecking some asshole’s shit real bad.
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I’m Sorrrryyyyyy!

Jesus’ dick on a napkin, I haven’t posted anything for a while, have I?

I’ve just been reading and writing a lot lately, and really didn’t have much to write here.

However, a few days ago, I did discover the joys of Windows Movie Maker, and threw two little somethings together.

Now everybody knows I love love LOVE Arnold Schwarzenegger. But Collateral Damage is the worst movie I’ve ever seen with him in it as the lead role.

Collateral Damage to my knowledge came out in the United States right around 9/11 happened, and it being about Middle Eastern terrorists blowing up a building a killing the family of a firefighter…didn’t really sit well with people at the time.

Needless to say it got fucking buried in the theaters, but this was actually good because the movie was terrible.

The scene above is the only instance that we get of Arnold doing what he does best: yelling and kicking the shit out of things/people. The rest of the movie in it’s entirety is slow, boring, and sedate. I actually fast forwarded through most of it, I never do that!

Also it being bad really had a lot to do with it being one of, if not the last movie Arnold Schwarzenegger had a starring role, meaning that the guy was old, too old to be an action star. There is a scene where a truck explodes and Schwarzenegger has to jump away from it, the poor guy had trouble getting off the ground, let alone leaping horizontally away from fiery debris

So yeah, skip this one. I feel so dirty and bad now, I’ll watch Total Recall ten times in a row to make it up to Schwarzenegger.

Also Misty

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