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I’m Sorrrryyyyyy!

Jesus’ dick on a napkin, I haven’t posted anything for a while, have I?

I’ve just been reading and writing a lot lately, and really didn’t have much to write here.

However, a few days ago, I did discover the joys of Windows Movie Maker, and threw two little somethings together.

Now everybody knows I love love LOVE Arnold Schwarzenegger. But Collateral Damage is the worst movie I’ve ever seen with him in it as the lead role.

Collateral Damage to my knowledge came out in the United States right around 9/11 happened, and it being about Middle Eastern terrorists blowing up a building a killing the family of a firefighter…didn’t really sit well with people at the time.

Needless to say it got fucking buried in the theaters, but this was actually good because the movie was terrible.

The scene above is the only instance that we get of Arnold doing what he does best: yelling and kicking the shit out of things/people. The rest of the movie in it’s entirety is slow, boring, and sedate. I actually fast forwarded through most of it, I never do that!

Also it being bad really had a lot to do with it being one of, if not the last movie Arnold Schwarzenegger had a starring role, meaning that the guy was old, too old to be an action star. There is a scene where a truck explodes and Schwarzenegger has to jump away from it, the poor guy had trouble getting off the ground, let alone leaping horizontally away from fiery debris

So yeah, skip this one. I feel so dirty and bad now, I’ll watch Total Recall ten times in a row to make it up to Schwarzenegger.

Also Misty

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