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Some More youtube Silliness

So instead of writing for my blooooooooooooooog I’ve been screwing around with Windows Movie Maker. Also I just hired to a full time job and I’ll be going to school full time soon (fingers crossed) which means I probably won’t have any free time to write to you guys.

Honestly, I’m very appreciative towards all my readers, seriously. None of you ever comment though, so as far as I know I might not have any readers, but what ever.

Anyway, expect less and less entries from me until my blog becomes just another internet wasteland devoid of any new content.

This is just musings about the future, really, nothing is ever set in stone, and as far as I know we could all be dead tomorrow.

So please enjoy some new videos I made, and if it ever get’s to the point where I can’t possibly post anymore new entries, I’ll end this wild ride with some kind of internet blowout, culminating in what will most likely be a photograph of myself in the most sexually explicit position (or positions) humanly possible.

Any long time readers know that ain’t bullshit, I’ll fucking do it.

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