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Oh Yeah That’s Right, I have a Blog

November 22, 2010 1 comment

Well, well, well…look who it is! It’s me! Back from the grave so to speak (that’s a clue).

That’s right everybody, I’m back and soon to be better than ever. There’s gonna be some changes around here, big changes, changes that will cause things to your brains (that’s another clue).

Now don’t get me wrong, there ain’t going to be daily posts like in the good ‘ol days (that was like for a couple of months right?), but there will definitely be some activity on this blog again. I could make all sorts of excuses (I’ve started on the path of another BA) but honestly we’ve all heard them before from myself and other bloggers like myself, so let’s just cut the bullshit, shall we?

Anyway the point of all this rambling is that I just bought a new camcorder! So basically what’s going to happen is that this blog is going to be more focused on short stories and short films, whenever I find the time to do that. Obviously there will be more writing than filming most of the time, but now I really don’t have any excuses anymore, now I have to get off my ass because no way am I wasting all that money.

I guess if anything don’t take this as a promise, just RSS me or whatever the hell it is if you’re interested in my upcoming projects and be sure to subscribe to me on youtube, because I post something on there at least once a week.

Alright thanks a bunches!

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