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Talkradar Podcast Number Juan

So anybody who may frequent the talkradar forums or my youtube channel already knows of my Talkradar podcast clips, but since I need to generate more traffic to my blog, my new site , and said youtube page, I will be posting the videos here aswell, along with other videos I also  make.

Without further ado, here’s the podcast where it all began, now with visuals and background music!

There you have it! Long time listeners will notice the lack of breaks and general structure we have all come to know and expect, but it is apparent from the very beginning the chemistry talkradar mainstays Chris Antista, Brett Elston, Mikel Reparez, and Tyler Wilde all share together, which is what makes this podcast such a joy to listen to.

And as always I’d like to thank them for creating new podcasts every Friday and featuring my work on their landing pages and talking about my work on the podcast as well, thanks guys!



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