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Release the Tentacruel!

So awhile back in April I got the idea to make a mash-up vid with the Clash of Titans movie trailer (sort of a cruddy movie, the 3D was ass) and ep 19 of Pokemon, Tentacool & Tentacruel.

A bit of history on the episode: in the United States the episode was taken out curculation after the attack and destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers because of the buildings being destroyed in the episode by the giant Tentacruel.

This wasn’t the only time an entire episode was banned or scenes censored in the United States.

Back to the project.

The first time I made this video I made it using Windows Movie Maker, and here were the results.

Finally recently I was able to remake the video in Sony Vegas, and here it is!

I loves me some Pokemans


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