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The Brett Elston Trilogy

I got a really good response from these vids so I made two more, plus a bonus Mikel Reparaz vid!

Also I’m going to PM Brett Elston this page so he can take a look at the vids, and if he likes them I’m going to make a fourth vid that will totally embarrass myself and have a good chance of getting flagged for indecency! Everybody cross your fingers!

Here’s the original I posted yesterday:

And here’s the sequel:

And the thrilling conclusion!

And here’s the Mikel Reparaz bonus content:

I’d like to thank all my youtube and talkradar forum buddies for giving me a lot of good feedback on these, I was going to stop at the first one but people really seemed t olike watching Brett dance as much as I do, that I had to make a couple more vids.

So yeah guys if Elston likes these expect one more to round out the three!

I’ll probably make it either way :3

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