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TalkRadar UK

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

I started listening to the UK TalkRadar and I must say it is very entertaining. I tried giving the UK guys a go a little while ago, but I must embarrassingly admit that I just couldn’t understand their accents right away, and I also didn’t understand the humor (or should I say ‘humour’ derp). Thankfully, I stopped being lazy and gave it another try after a fellow forum members 510BrotherPanda and Breener told me to and now I’m hooked for life!

In certain ways they share the same sort of humor as the US TalkRadar guys, like I swear they spent fifteen minutes talking about Amsterdam’s red light district and how the prostitutes will try to milk your prostate to get you out faster. Wait a minute…prostitute…prostate…both have ‘prost’ in the words…

Anyway is a fan vid I made for them, enjoy!

Also here’s a neew one I made for the TalkRadar US team

WARNING! Not Safe for Work!

Ohhhh man I think I’m really pushing this whole not getting banned thing…


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Sundome, the Greatest Manga with the Greatest Disappointing Ending: The Really Unexpected Part Three

January 5, 2011 59 comments


Well I did some research and found a forum dedicated to Sundome, and one of the more interesting point of views for the ending made me a little sick, which is always fun, but the one that made the most sense was one that suggests Sahana did live, and her and Aiba are married at the end.

I tend to lean more towards this ending because the mole was probably being covered up by make-up due to that she was very paranoid of people seeing her looking ill, when she was always ill, so those were the times when she was probably not wearing make-up.

The other thing that I noticed anyway was the diologue that was being spoken by the woman at the end did fee like something Sahana would say, so yeah, I guess it is Sahana.

I just don’t get this vague ending crap, drawing your own conclusions bullshit. Fucking Japanese, I love ’em, but damn!

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Sundome, the Greatest Manga with the Greatest Disappointing Ending: The Unexpected Part Two

January 5, 2011 108 comments

As if to prove to myself how important Sundome is to me, I just woke up and my first conscious thoughts were of how the ending bothered me. However, where in my first post I mentioned that the ending was vague (which it still is), I think I may have figured it out. The rest of this post is going to be spoilers, so please just skip this one if you haven’t read Sundome and you want to. If you have, please, please, please tell me what you thought about the ending and tell me if I’m right or wrong.

SPOILERS BELOW———————————————————————————

There is this over-arching story element in the story that revolves around the Roman Club that the characters belong to in school, which I honestly thought was ridiculous, where the Alumni had put in place a rule that if any members could stay a virgin throughout their high school career, the Alumni would pay for your college education to wherever you wanted to go. Obviously most would succeed in this endeavor (I know I would have) but what the Alumni do is send ‘assassins’, women (or men I guess) that would present themselves to certain members of the club and willingly have sex with them, which the women would have various things awarded to them for doing so.

This story element makes the events interesting, in which the new girl in school, Kurumi Sahana, who the protagonist, Hideo Aiba, is instantly attracted to. This is shown by the raging boner he gets when he sees her. Over the course of th story the mystery is does she really like him back, or is she just another assassin sent to fuck Aiba.

Now I can tell you that the signs that she is NOT an assassin are pretty clear in that she teases the FUCK out of Aiba but never allows him to have sex with her. The rules are clear in the Roman Club: if you have sex you’re kicked out and you won’t get any financial backing from the Alumni. Which leads me to the ending.

Over the course of the story it is clear that Sahana also has some sort of mysterious illness that through foreshadowing, is most likely going to end with her death. Towards the end of the story she is put into isolation at the hospital and Aiba and the other members of the Roman Club devise a plan to help her escape so that she can see the Wave Flowers before it’s too late.

Now here’s my problem with the ending. It would appear by the artwork that they have sex at the beach while watching the wave flowers, but again, this isn’t made clear, especially by what is on the last page of this scene. The last words on the page, also which isn’t explained who is talking, are “When I wake up, let’s have sex”, and the last drawing is of his hand in hers, but her fingers aren’t entwined in his, like if they are limp.

Now on the very next page it shows Aiba as a resident in a hospital (he always wanted to be a doctor), and then at home with his wife where it is implied he just had a sexual snafu, wether it be he prematurely ejaculated or has a boner malfunction, it isn’t clear. But my problem is, who the hell is the wife?!

Is it Sahana? If you look closely you’ll notice that this woman has a mole on her chin, Sahana never had a mole. Her breasts are larger and her hair is longer too, but obviously those can change as a woman gets older, but why the mole? And Aiba never calls this woman by name, so it’s even more vague as to who the hell this woman is. I would go by the face, but let’s be honest, the only thing helping people figure out what woman is who in anime is their breast size and hair style, other-wise they are interchangeable most of the time.

But now I think I may have been wrong about the ending, I think that maybe Sahana did die, right on that beach next to Aiba, which lead to them not having sex, which lead to Aiba getting the Roman Club Alumni to back him financially to become a Doctor. Now the whole time I was saying to myself, if Sahana dies, I’m going to cry like a big bitch. In fact I did cry once during this story during a foreshadowing scene where the fish Aiba and Sahana get together at a festival, the one they name after her dies suddenly. But since the ending is so vague it took away from my emotional response to whatever the hell happened. This story most of the time doesn’t make you think that hard, but then you have to be a goddamn detective to figure out the fucking ending!

The only other review I could find on the ending of Sundome says that the woman is Aiba, but I don’t that’s right because of the mole on her chin. That particular reviewer was also the one that said this story wasn’t mainstream and that they couldn’t recommend this one to people to read because of the strong sexual content, on which I say fuck you, you asshole.

Anyway that’s what I think happened, it’s just a shame the ending had to be such bullshit, the same thing happened at the end of Welcome to the NHK, another one of my absolute favorites, that ends weird and abruptly. It’s like these story tellers know how to tell a story and when it comes to ending it they get all “how can we make this ending as annoying as hell as possible to people outside of Japan who have been invested in it for over three years even though it’s only eight volumes but the translation process is ungodly slow and we’ve already moved on to two sequels a year and half ago?”

I mean Jesus jumped-up fucking pogo stick I just realized this fucking thing was released in 2006 in Japan and ended in 2009 and we’re only now getting the ending?! I guess it’s a fucking miracle this came out here at all!

Anyway, if I’m wrong about th ending please someone explain it to me, all I’m saying is if that woman was Sahana all growed up then why draw her with a fucking mole? All you’re doing is confusing your audience you asshole! Fucking hell I’ve spent nearly $104 to read this shit and support the release and this is the ending I get? Fucking bullshit!

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Sundome, the Greatest Manga with the Greatest Disappointing Ending

January 5, 2011 7 comments

I FINALLY got my hands on the last volume of Sundome, a manga series by Kazuto Okada, and I can’t help but say I’m a little disappointed with the ending. Sundome is a great series, probably my favorite manga series (that I’ve read), so I want to talk a little about it because apparently this particular manga is under the radar.

Now first off this manga series is rated for Mature readers because it has nudity and sexually explicit scenes. However, most of the story is comedy.

I’m not a very good reviewer, I’ve never pretended to be, the most I can ever really do is complain about the stuff I didn’t like in excruciating detail, and the stuff I do like I pretty much tell people “It’s my favorite thing ever at the moment! Watch/play/listen/read now bitch!” so bare me with as I try to explain why I like the manga, instead of telling you what happens in it, because I hate spoilers.

The reason I like this story is because it takes explicit sexual humor and wraps it in a love story that actually makes you care about the characters and what happens to them. And when I say ‘explicit sexual humor’, I mean that the main characters take sexual fetishism to a whole new level, but it’s written so well that it makes sense and doesn’t piss me off.

I’m a weird guy. I’m just gonna put that out there (like you didn’t already know) but the best way to describe me would probably be a prudish pervert. I love jerking-off. I love cartoon titties and futanari porn. Given the opportunity I’ll pretty much do anything to and for a woman if it gets her off. What I don’t like is when I feel like people only think that since I say and do these things, that it is the ONLY thing I’m about. I’m a deep guy. Seriously.

It’s like my classic argument about porn with a story and a story with porn in it. I’m watching porn because I have 45 minutes and I want to bust a huge nut, not watch an hour and half long bullshit Pirates of the Caribbean knock-off with hard-core sex in it. I want handjobs and cumming on tits, no fucking talking! Stop talking! You can’t act and your making my tiny penis sad! STOP IT!

The same thing goes with movies with sex scenes, or childish sexual humor. Tits ain’t that hard to see now, now that we all have the internet in our homes, on our phones, or in the library, I don’t need to see a shitty-ass movie where the only thing it has going for it is 5 seconds of half-nipple.

This is why I hate most anime, that bullshit ‘fan-service’ crap where all the chicks want to fuck the main guy but they never do. It’s a cock tease. Cock teasing is only good when you are finally allowed to cum after a good hour. It’s damn good. Otherwise I’m blue-balled and just fucking mad.

Which brings me back to Sundome. Sundome teases my dick and let’s me nut, plain and simple. It has a lot of weird shit going on, sexually, but it’s funny and genuinely heart warming. My only problem is that I feel the ending was a cop-out. The whole time you are led to believe that something specific is going to happen, and even though you don’t want that thing to happen, it would have made for the better ending and still would have shocked the shit out of me that he actually had the balls to do it. But it doesn’t happen and it just left me feeling all meh inside. Also I may have the ending entirely wrong, because like most of this shit, the ending is vague and not really explained, which I’ve been told is because I’m a baka giajin, but why the fuck do these people like vague endings? I don’t fucking get it.

Anyway you probably just found out way more about me than you wanted to know and yeah totally read Sundome. I’d prefer it if you bought them, but come the fuck on, there are plenty of free scans of it online, so here’s the first chapter, just don’t read this shit at work or in front of any children :3


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