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Get Something Off My Chest

I just wanted to weigh in on this Osama Bin Laden dead thing.

Yes the man was a monster, I was 16-17 when New York was attacked, I lived in Elizabeth and could see the smoke rise from the Twin Towers, it was a horrible event and I still feel for the families and people involved.


The fact that people are excited about the death of a man proves that nothing will ever change with humanity. His death means nothing in the grand scheme of things, someone will just replace him, probably someone who is filled with the same rage and thirst for revenge we all felt towards Osama Bin Laden when he gave the order to take 3,000 civilian lives.

Death leads to more death, anger leads to more anger, revenge leads to more revenge, we will never get to where we need to be as humans if we still glorify death.

Personally, we should have tortured him until he begged for death and not given it to him, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

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