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Random Assault Podcast is Back!

November 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Yup, and we’ve got our own site too!

I’ll be posting old episodes until we’re caught up, and then expect new episodes every Sunday! Yay!

Also I’ll be writing most of my articles on there now (if I write anything at all) so subscribe to this new site if you like me at all ūüė¶


Why aren’t you listening to Random Assault Podcast?

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Is it because I never advertise more frequently on my blog that I’ve formed a group of intelligent and well-spoken individuals for a weekly podcast?

Is it because you didn’t know that you can find past Random Assault Podcast Episodes on either¬†Front Towards Gamer¬†or¬†iTunes¬†or in the¬†GamesRadar Forums¬†?

Is it because the first statement was a lie and all we are are a bunch of filthy nerds who talk about whatever the fuck we want ranging from video games and other entertainment media to erotic asphyxiation and sticking lemons in our butts?

Well, do yourselves a favor and listen to Random Assault Podcast Episode 28¬†because I’m on that one, and I was a little drunk.

I’ll even give you a¬†direct link to the episode¬†if you’re having trouble downloading it from the website, so you have no excuse.

Thank you for your time, you won’t be¬†disappointed.

And if you are don’t tell anybody please ūüė¶